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5D Entertainment Venues

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Increasingly, the real world serves as a stage for online events. The grand unveiling of Sphere in Las Vegas, an 18,600-seat multimedia venue, quickly turned into a viral sensation.

Social media platforms were flooded with photos and videos featuring a diminutive U2 performing on stage, surrounded by dynamic motion graphics and enthusiastic attendees striving to capture the perfect angle. Content creation is the 5th dimension.

Gone are the days when concertgoers raised their hands in the air to show support for the band and dance to the music. Today, hands are held aloft, not in tribute to the musicians, but to provide mobile phone cameras with the ideal vantage point for capturing the ultimate shot.

Sphere was meticulously designed with audience-generated photos and video vignettes in mind. The expectation was that anyone fortunate enough to attend Sphere in person would enthusiastically share their experiences across the internet.

Rather than discouraging patrons from documenting their visit on social media, Sphere fully embraces this integral aspect of the concert experience.

The venue incorporates various technological innovations to create a unique immersive experience such as wind, temperature adjustments, Hundreds of thousands of LEDs adorn both the interior and exterior shells, enveloping the audience in a captivating and immersive environment.10,000 seats incorporate 4D haptic technology, allowing attendees to physically feel the rhythm of the drums.

The innovative and visually striking designs of the exterior shell have garnered attention for their creative advertising potential. Whether it takes the form of an eyeball, basketball, or another imaginative concept, this eye-catching spherical billboard has captured the fascination of all who encounter it, prompting them to share their discovery online.

Recognizing that people dedicate a significant portion of their time to online activities, Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp (MSG), the owner of Sphere, has seized the opportunity to create memorable social media moments. The goal is for Sphere to be a must-visit destination, much like a pilgrimage to Machu Picchu. Plus - MSG have monetizde this endeavor.

The cost to advertise for a day at Sphere is $450,000, while a week-long advertisement costs $650,000. Such prices are achievable due to the sheer number of impressions generated by the billboard.

MSG anticipates that 300,000 individuals will witness the billboard in person each day, with an additional 4.4 million people encountering it online.

Though I have yet to experience The Sphere personally (and if I had, I'd likely have boasted about it already), it strikes me as a bold leap into the future of entertainment venues.

It wholeheartedly embraces emerging immersive environments and acknowledges the reality of how people engage with the world, primarily through photographing and recording their experiences on their mobile devices.

Fueled by the release of advanced AR headsets by Apple and Meta, this year promises to witness the expansion of mixed-reality experiences.

I'm eagerly anticipating a creative approached to mixed-reality at venues such as Sphere - expanding the experience into yet another dimension.

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