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In the age of the cloud, places are no longer confined to be single use, instead homes have become workplaces, offices turned into cafes, and XXX. Our mission is to uncover the latent potential and reenergise your space while fulfilling its potential for highest and best use. 

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AnyPlace is an innovation consultancy for real estate. We are flexible space experts that believe that AnyPlace can be anything. Through our four step process we identify new opportunities for your properties, and recommend high-impact solutions that to put your spaces to their highest and best use. . AnyPlace is an innovation consultancy dedicated to helping you join the 21st century by leveraging the potential of converging physical space and cyber space, in line with the way that people now live, work, etc….

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Nikki Greenberg Founder

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Nikki is the leading thought-leader in all of this. She’s an architect and innovator and world renowned. New York, trend-setter High level stuff, etc…. [read more]—> link to Lightbox/opens up more

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Gone are the days of single-use places, today’s places are multipurpose.

Nikki Greenberg, Founder


We work with you and your team to take a deep dive into your projects to uncover the opportunities where we can be impactful. We work collaboratively with your internal leaders and also bring in our network of global experts. 

  • We activate your empty spaces

  • Investigater your place and find new opportunities for revenue generating activities

  • Find the highest and best use

  • Energise your properties

  • Uncover new opportunities within ambiguous situations

  • We bring inspiration from around the world

  • We focus on high reward interventions

  • We uncover the greatest and most productiveWork at convergence of physical and cyber space, bringing them into synch

  • Re-energise places

  • Be an amenity to increase rent and retention

  • We create places that are productive, profitable and preferable to being anywhere else




Identify your most pressing problem



Undertake a deep dive into the issue



Quick-wins’ and longer-term projects



Once the brief is set, we can be engaged to run a pilot


We provide strategies that convert into reality with measurable results

A luxury condo that was turned into a supper club to showcase the space and tell neighbourhood tales through food 

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Converting a vacant space into a VR gym (under development)

Manhattan, New York

Making a mall into the heart and soul of the community. Did this through marketplace concept, cool design, and EVGFF launch event

Sydney, Australia

Innovation Precinct Masterplan Concept

New York, USA


We have worked with and provided thought leadership to the following companies



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